Duffy Properties

Core Competencies

For over sixty years, Duffy has used its vertically integrated and streamlined development process to build a strong and diverse portfolio. Our properties include office, industrial, R&D, retail, medical, multi-family residential and mixed use developments. Our hands-on, in-house approach means we maximize our flexibility to focus on controlling costs, improving efficiencies, and responding to our clients’ needs. With over half a century of experience, deep market knowledge and a wide network of longstanding relationships, Duffy is poised to continue building on this impressive foundation.

Development & Acquisitions

Development & Acquisitions

The primary focus of our business is to pursue opportunities to grow and enhance our portfolio through development and acquisitions. We are long-term investors, creating new or the repositioning of existing properties that our communities are proud to embrace.



Our owners work directly on acquisitions, streamlining the decision process and optimizing our ability to close deals. We are constantly looking to strengthen and diversify our portfolio and do so with opportunities where we can add significant value to the asset.

Permitting and Approvals


At Duffy Properties, we have in-house experts well versed in zoning laws and permitting regulations. As a company, we have built trusting relationships with local authorities and have a track record of successfully navigating the public process.


We are a seasoned construction company with an owner’s attitude to develop high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Our hands-on construction managers oversee planning, design, and construction from conception through occupancy to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget while providing long-term quality and value to our tenants.

Ground Up

Ground Up

When opportunities arise, we acquire land to build projects that will remain in our portfolio for the long term. We believe strongly that an owner’s approach to construction translates to better attention to detail, cost and quality as well as ultimately delivering a better product to our customers.

Tenant Improvements


Our experienced and highly knowledgeable construction teams work directly with tenants to guide them through design and construction of new build-outs and updates. Our teams know our buildings and systems and offer quality construction, on time, on budget, and at a lower cost than our competitors.

Renovations & Repositioning


As long-term owners, we are constantly working to keep our buildings and systems current and competitive in the market. We also look for opportunities to acquire existing assets where we believe our vision, our comprehensive in-house talent, and our financial strength add significant value.

Property Management

Property Management

Because our tenants come first, our property management teams are focused exclusively on our own portfolio with on-site, responsive and impeccable service. With decades of experience and decades-long relationships with subcontractors, we take pride in our properties and our commitment to our tenants.



We have nurtured a strong relationship with the brokerage community and have earned a reputation for having the flexibility and vision to make deals happen. Potential tenants and brokers work directly with our owners for quick and transparent decision-making. Our in-house market knowledge works in tandem with the expertise of our exclusive agents to maximize flexibility and ensure our customer’s needs are always met.



We have a team of on-site building engineers with an extensive understanding of our buildings and building systems through hands-on, around the clock management and support from our construction team.


Being aligned with the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom products made it imperative that everything including the plumbing was perfect. Everyone at Duffy was great to work with and they were so efficient that Kohler told us they had never seen such a high quality showroom open on such a tight timeline.

-Sean Jones, Operations Manager, The Inspired Bath

“Coventor expanded twice, doubling our space, over our first three years here. It’s been a pleasure working with Duffy Properties, both for the lease negotiations and the build-outs handled by their highly professional team. I credit the Duffy team with making the expansions go so smoothly. And, with nine buildings in the office park, I know we can continue to expand. Duffy is a great partner for a growing business.”

-Steve Breit, Vice President of MEMS Business and Operations, Coventor